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Originally posted by andreas
Known problem, and maybe it will never get fixed (because it's very hard).
Demos with FAST scrolling BIG letters (right-to-left) usually have this kind of ghosting effect in 100Hz mode. That means, you see one letter overlayed by the same letter, but the second letter is shifted one pixel right or left. This is gonna become a nice sort of eye-killer real soon, especially if text scrolls decently fast...
Yep, I just noticed this "ghosting effect" while trying SuperFrog...
This is too bad ,((

I can create a 50hz Screenmode but then horizontal refresh gets out of range (my monitor only supports 27khz -> ... khz in horizontal refresh and the 50hz screenmode is using something like 23Khz...)

Arrggg.... I'm afraid UAE won't replace my real A500... unless I buy an expensive multy-synch monitor...
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