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4k screen issues

Hey Toni,

I'm trying to use WinUAE on a laptop with a 4k screen. The resolution both in the setup window and during emulation itself is pretty rough. I'll attach screenshots.

This becomes a problem when I try to make a custom hardfile. The UI won't allow me to enter characters beyond the space on screen, and that ends up limited to 5 characters, which is obviously not a valid entry. Thanks for the help!

More details: My computer has Optimus, it is running win8.1 with full updates. I tried scaling the screen res to something saner (1080p) and still had no luck. I tried launching both with the onboard intel gpu as well as the nvidia gpu. Same results. There is also a screenshot of AMIX booting so you can see what it looks like when the emulated environment first starts up without me manually dragging the screen. Additionally, dragging the screen on AMIX ends up with the last line of text usually cut off at the very bottom, though I'm sure that's something unrelated to any of this.

Currently I can't create custom filesystems which are required for os4.1 according to the guide I'm following

Click image for larger version

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Click image for larger version

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