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Originally Posted by Reth View Post
Got it working meanwhile and installed AOS4.1FE. Unfortunately it lacks on main memory. Is there any way to provide more RAM using WINUAE (already tried several settings - with no success). Or would it work to at least provide a SWAP partition?
No. OS4 kernel change is needed.

Memory: in WinUAE additional 256 MB Z3 Fast RAM is configured (beside the 128 MB in the processor slot), but AmigaOS recognizes only 128 MB. Is there a possibility to fix this?
No, see above.

Screen Mode: I'm using an external LCD monitor at my laptop, the emulation runs in full screen mode. However the monitor can handle 1600x900 but the screen mode in AmigaOS allows me only 1280x720 to configure (1280x960 is possible as well but I like more the wide screen appearance). Is this maybe limited to the PicassoIV limited?
4M VRAM hard limit. Try reducing number of colors. (from true color to high color). Only way to "fix" this is to emulate some supported display card that supports more than 4M VRAM.

Another strange effect I got yesterday after installation: after rebooting AmigaOS 4.1 the screen kept black and never came back to the Workbench. After trying it this morning again, all worked fine. The only difference is that yesterday I made the final configuration on the laptop screen (w/o external monitor). Did someone else had this sometimes?
Without log (winuaelog.txt) it is impossible to say what happened.
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