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Question AHI driver for WinUAE: File placement

I am new to WinUAE emulation and would like to know exactly where to place the files for the AHI Driver. I installed WinUAE v22r5 and tried placing the AHI files where the text file that came with it stated, but that did'nt work -- so I placed the .info files in System:devs/ and the uae and in System:devs/AHI/ to no avail. I also tried placing the file in System:devs/ and the uae,, and in the System:devs/AHI/ directory to no avail. Where EXACTLY does each of the following file belong?! -->System:devs/________??? --> System:devs/________???
uae --> System:devs/________??? --> System:devs/________???

Any help with this AHI question would be greatly appreciated. P.S. System:devs in the text above is representative of the System: drive in the Devs drawer. but we know that a colon followed by a capitalized letter d ends up being a smiley face.
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