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Post Re: Re: Forget ADF2FMS

Originally posted by RetroMan

Ok, I gotta quote on that one for sure First of all, ADF2FMS allows to mount 6 ADF´s and 6 HDF´s to be written to the fmsdisk.device not ONE.....

If you re-read my post I didn't say it can only do one device, I said it can do ONE job - ADF transferred to FMS. I was implying that since 99.9% of archives on the net are DMS, ZIP and ADZ's that the tool is fairly limited unless you manually unpack all your stuff to ADF's first.

As for the GUI, why would you even use it? In my startup sequence I can do this:

assign fms: t: (or wherever you keep these)
mount ff0: defer
mount ff1: defer
mount ff2: defer
mount ff3: defer
mount ff4: defer
mount ff5: defer
mount ff6: defer
mount ff7: defer
mount ff8: defer
mount ff9: defer
mount ff10: defer
mount ff11: defer

That way you are not wasting ANY memory until you actually use the device in question (it only occupies about 4k of RAM in an un-used form) and you are not limited to however many devices the coder thought you might need... Monkey Island 2 and Indy 4 will run fine with my method and not a GUI required at any stage

As for HDF's, yawn - I don't know why anybody would bother with them unless you specifically need the protection bits set for something (can't for the life of me think of why offhand).
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