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I think you dont have the kickstart rom files. there is one buildin into winuae,
but this is not 100% compatible.
to test what you have, do this:
start winuae, on left side settings, select "Paths" and push "Rescan ROMs"
this will report which roms you have.
about the games: extract the zip files, if they contain .adf files then you
got the correct diskimages.

working amiga games from the TOSEC collection you can find on the EAB ftp:
/Commodore_Amiga/TOSEC/Games/[ADF] (TOSEC-v2012-12-24_CM)/

ps: easiest way to start with winuae is using "Quickstart" option:
choose computer type (A500) insert a game-disc and select "Game Ports" to configure joystick-option for port 2 ( works in most games this way).

PS: about the kickstart rom, there is still a copyright and it is not allowed to share them here.
you can buy a whole amiga emulation package from cloanto
incl. ROM files - or find them on the net, with some luck.

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