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New to WinUAE help please.

Hi all, just joined tonight.
I had an Amiga 1200 back in the day but been running a PC for years now. I recently got interested in playing some of the old games I was very fond of, so I searched and found WinUAE. Downloaded it. I then searched for old amiga games and downloaded a few. I tried to set up WinUAE and got as far as a blank Amiga window. The games I downloaded all have the extension .lha and are zipped. WinUAE does not recognise these files or the unzipped files. I'm stuck. I looked at a couple of Youtube vids to see how to set things up but found them very confusing.
I use DosBox for the old PC games, I hoped WinUAE would be similar, just drop an .exe on it to load the game....wrong.
Anyone got time and patience to help me please?
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