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Originally posted by VermillioN
100hz looks sweet for me but it just don't scroll as fluidly as 50hz.
Known problem, and maybe it will never get fixed (because it's very hard).
Demos with FAST scrolling BIG letters (right-to-left) usually have this kind of ghosting effect in 100Hz mode. That means, you see one letter overlayed by the same letter, but the second letter is shifted one pixel right or left. This is gonna become a nice sort of eye-killer real soon, especially if text scrolls decently fast...

I can "fix" this by switching to 60 Hz mode (which is actually meant for the NTSC stuff) and get absolutely PERFECT scrolling, BUT music is "pitched".

But every time when I have crap music with a demo anyway, I always turn sound off and use 60 Hz mode. Perfect.
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