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Originally Posted by Jeff_HxC2001 View Post
Yes there is an IO timing issue with this game, and correct this by software correction will probably be hard.

Anyway there is a workaround for Agony and Risky Woods : Add a jumper on the MO jumper (So you will have S0 + MO).

The drawback of this solution is that you can't have other drive on the floppy bus.

(FYI the good old SD HxC don't have any issue with these game ).

BTW There is an firmware update :

17 June 2015: Firmware USB HxCFloppyEmulator v3.0.4.0a  - I2C LCD auto detection/scan and communication improved/corrected  - Low level pulses generator improved : - Code size reduced. - 250Kbits/s, 300Kbits/s, 500Kbits/s support (FM/MFM). - Variable bitrate & flakey bit support "Ready" ;)

Is the io timing problem due to the hardware?
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