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These are my little babies (is not a collection... I use them every time it's possible):


2x A1000
2x A600
1x A1200/1Gb HD
1x IBM PS2 386 MicroChannel
1x Olivetti PC1
1x Philips VG8020 msx
3x C64new
1x 1541 Disk drive + some cassette players
2x C64 Brown
1x Vic20 plus various carts
1x C128
1x Atari 600XL + 64K expansion + cassette player
1x C16 + datasette
2x ZX81 + 16k ram pack
4x ZX Spectrum 48K
1x Interface1 + 2x interface2 + 2 microdrives
1x ZX Speccy +2
1x ZX Speccy +3


3x Atari VCS2600 (1 wood grain, 2 blacks)
6x Atari 2600JR
70x Atari 2600 carts (20 sealed)
1x Starpath Supercharger (I use it to load roms files to VCS )
1x Atari 7800
2x Mattel Intellivision + carts
2x CBS Colecovision + Turbo
1x Philips Videopac G7000
1x Philips Videopac G7400 + Microsoft Basic expander
1x Sega Megadrive
1x NES
1x Leonardo

That's All

I've bougth my first Amy (A600) last month... so I'm an Amy

I'm looking for a CREATIVISION!!!!!!
Does anybody have one?????

P.S. great tread
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