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Vectorama 2015 LAN party report

Finnish Amiga Users Group organized an Amiga stand at Vectorama 2015 LAN party in Oulu, Finland, Jun 4-7th. The party featured 700 sold computer places and 1500 visitors.

We had four A1200 machines connected to video projectors with serial linkup and 4-player adapters allowing 8 player compos. We also had A500 and A1000 setups with floppies to celebrate the 30 years of Amiga. Kids couldn't believe how good games on 30 year old machine can look

We got several Amiga competitions to the official timetable and had some sponsored prizes to give to the winners. Competitions included Lotus2 (four players at once, with several qualifying rounds), 8 player league with Stunt Car Racer (turbo), whole day score hunting on Lotus III and Pinball Illusions, and 8 simultaneous player compo on Super Skidmarks (with qualifying rounds before the final, because amount of the competitors!).

There were lots of interested visitors and Amigas were never unoccupied! We had hard time to get some sleep, because there always was someone wanting to play, no matter how early or late it was, at the night Amiga gaming suits just fine to this kinds of events, because they're simple enough to sit for a while without needing to learn whole day how the games work. And they still look and sound good on big screens

Two photo galleries and few videos available here now:
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