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Originally Posted by Sukerbole View Post
Small tip from me for people wanting a MIDI module really badly after Novacoder releasing the doom clone and Scummvm. The Roland modules are often very expensive and in demand. The Yamaha modules seem to be cheaper (on your local trading websites). I myself have a Yamaha MU 80 which cost 30 euro. The Mu80 can emulate the Roland sound and has Yamaha XG Midi capabilty which can sound awesome when playing XG compatible midi files (on your Amiga).
It might be okay for General MIDI, but I can assure you that no sound card of the time (except those made by Roland itself, and even so, they don't quite nail it perfectly) can simulate an MT-32 properly.

So if you're looking for the real MT-32 experience, it HAS to be either an MT-32 or a LAPC-I (if you're okay with mortgaging your house for an old sound-card )
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