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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Without cycle-exact any "modern" (as in not over 10 years old) should be more than fast enough.

It is rarely about CPU speed, it is always something else. (one example is display driver forced vsync)

Even cheap (89euros) Linx 7 Windows tablet (with 1.3GHz Intel Atom CPU, not ARM) run WinUAE without slowdowns and without frame skips, even with cycle-exact as long as program didn't do any heavy copper stuff!

Check CPU% on screen led (enable in misc panel): Does it stay above 100%?
If it stays below 100%, check SND%: does it jump around and flash yellow/red/blue all the time?

You need to attach your config file and logs if you want more help.
I run WinUAE with Workbench only, and I have sound issues on two computers, one Dual Core E5200 2.22 MHz with Windows 7 and one Laptop Core i3 4005U 1.70 GHz with Windows 8.1, and its worse with the latter.

I run Workbench 3.9 with Blizzard 1230-IV '030 emulation at cycle-exact *40 MHz* speed, with A1200 Chipset and AGA, and add Tocatta, A2605 ethernet and 48000 MHz sound with "Anti" interpolation to it.

My problems with sound began very before the accelerator board emulation in WinUAE, and I see people reporting issues with games but my problems are happening mainly with Workbench and the programs I use, which are theoretically simpler than games.

When I play any MOD song with EaglePlayer or HippoPlayer, and start browsing my hardfile with Workbench, the CPU usage get higher to +105%, and the sound begins to pop and click if I dont stop browsing its directories the most quickly possible.

I should clarify that I run Workbench with a nice copper backdrop, and for that I use CopperDemon, but I found recently that it is a major resource hog, and now I use WBVerlauf for testings, as it runs faster. Anyways, when I disable CopperDemon (or anything that draw copper rainbows on the Workbench screen), I can browse the directories on my hardfile without problems.

With or without copper, when there is heavy file system activity, the sound distortion and CPU usage gets even higher. For example, when I run IBrowse, during the program loading or browsing, the sound gets distorted and full of bad noise. SCSI emulation worse it more, increasing the CPU usage more than IDE/ATA does.

In general, on my two computers, the CPU meter and the sound latency gets overloaded *very* easily. I even have the impression that none WinUAE user uses WinUAE to run Workbench or navigate in Internet, because looks like I am the only person in the world, that uses WinUAE and have all the problems I did.

I am not sure if is correct to run the emulated CPU at full speed (cycle-exact or not) when the emulated chipset or hardware demand too much from the host CPU (no matter if the host CPU is slow or not), and expect that it will work by luck or coincidence (hardware is deterministic), like the sound in AmigaOS that gets distorted. In a real computer the CPU and chipset doesnt hog the bus when cant finish a heavy task in real time, every component need to start and finish in right time. The distortion in WinUAE sound is like that, the MOD player itself sends perfect sound to the emulated chipset, but the chipset emulation doesnt have enough time to run when the CPU emulation demand too much from the host CPU. This could be remediated by throttling the emulated CPU usage when it is consuming too much time from the host CPU and nothing remains for the emulated chipset, in expense of interrupt dispatch precision for the emulated CPU (this may break programs that need perfect interrupt dispatch, but only on underpowered computers).

If Toni wants to see my configuration and logs and if him think is possible to fix my issues, then I could post them.

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