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Re: Forget ADF2FMS

Originally posted by Codetapper
I'm not sure why people want to use ADF2FMS for anything other than it's only use - it does only ONE job of ADF to FMSDisk.device transfers (which it does very well and was written in Asm by Legionary/Action!).

Example usage is simply Diskwiz [input device/file] [output device]

Diskwiz MarzAttakz3TheRevenge.dms ff0:
Diskwiz MarzAttakz4KilledInAction.adf df0:
Diskwiz ff9:
Diskwiz df3:
Diskwiz ff0: MarzAttakz7FootInTheMouth.adf
Diskwiz df0: MarzAttakz8ForGodsSakeEnoughAlready.adf
Ok, I gotta quote on that one for sure First of all, ADF2FMS allows to mount 6 ADF´s and 6 HDF´s to be written to the fmsdisk.device not ONE.....

Also ADF2FMS has a nice little gui which allows the user to klick on an ADF they want to mount and that´s it ...... I think ADF2FMS is kewl, I have put all my adf´s to CDROM on my PC and mounting them into RAM: on the Amiga Side, works pretty kewl and you never have to install a game on HD (ah well, some of them you HAVE to install, else they are not working) ....

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