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Originally Posted by zerohour1974 View Post
Tested on G4 and G5. The G4's CD drive needs replacing so it just kept seeing as a blank.
You might also try to burn the image to DVD instead of CD, sometimes it's just other part of the mechanism which is broken. There's also USB Boot Guide.

Originally Posted by jack-3d View Post
OK thanks for the info, I just bought Macmini G4 with 512 MB and I will upgrade RAM to 1 Gig (hopefully I find some working module soon) a I am going to give MOS a try. I sold my Pegasos long time ago when I had 1.45, now I am looking forward to see changes made since that version.
And to be noted, 1.5GHz model (silent upgrade) of Mac mini G4s is the best for MorphOS use, because it has 64MB graphics memory, while other models only have 32MB. 32MB will do if you don't use big resolutions or are willing to compromize with eyecandy. More info about different systems at Supported Computers list.

You can also read about changes to 1.4.5 in my "MorphOS 2 Review" (quite extensive) and "What's New in MorphOS 3" articles found at my MorphOS pages. You might not notice everything by just trying quickly yourself
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