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Originally Posted by Geijer View Post
Sorry for the late answer, will add an option to disable FPU tests.
How about "FPU=No" in the icon tooltypes to disable? There could also be FPU=68881, FPU=68882, FPU=68040 and FPU=68060 to override any auto detection. The same goes for CPU and MMU. This would be very similar to AIBB tooltypes by the way.

Originally Posted by Geijer View Post
If you have time, I would be glad if you can help me test out other FPU detection methods?
UWORD cpu_flags = SysBase->AttnFlags;

if (cpu_flags & AFF_68881)
   fpu881 = TRUE;
if (cpu_flags & AFF_FPU40)
   fpu040 = TRUE;
Be careful with being too tricky with the hardware trying to detect the CPU/MMU/FPU. Many programs fail later which try.
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