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Thought I'd resurrect this thread somewhat..
BBS Games are pretty much forgotten about these days apart from some murky corners of the internet..My BBS days were mainly on PC boards and I played loads of fun games (including a multiplayer text adventure called Kyrandia which some guys from Westwood bought the rights to and turned into The Legend of Kyrandia). But what were the Amiga boards like for games? I'm sure they must have had some. The reason I ask is that they are technically Amiga games and are in major danger of being lost in the mists of time, it would be great to add them to HOL but as neither me or Cody know a thing about Amiga BBS games we could do with some help..

Are there any Amiga BBS's running?
Does anyone have a list of Amiga BBS games?
Could these games be run locally without the need of a BBS?

etc etc..The more insight the better!
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