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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
i have the collectors (chart attack) version of James Pond in original.

my physical copy has burnt in my parents' ex-house..... what remains is the dumps i did.

EDIT : And indeed, you're right ! I have so the 1mb version then !
Originally Posted by mc68060 View Post

So are there any differences between the 1mb and the 512kb version?
Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
well i have not specifically notice any..... I put it in the zone, i let the people who wants to check it see if they find anything....
Well, I didn't notice any difference between the Chart Attack compilation and GBH budget versions I have here either. They both worked fine and with no differences on a KS1.3/OCS/512k A500 and a KS3.1/ECS/1MB A500+. Unfortunately, I couldn't find my original release to compare, but I would be surprised if it played differently.

I've made extended ADFs of both versions and have put them in the Zone for people who want to compare them with Denis' French Chart Attack compilation version.

FYI, the A500+ compatible GBH budget version was released in early 1992, while the supposedly 1MB Chart Attack compilation version was released for Christmas 1991.

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