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How did you do the custom mapping? Using Input panel remap option or gameports remap?

Your screenshots says "Game Ports Panel" so you probably used Game Ports remap option but I don't understand how did you manage to get directions mapped to [-]/[+] events. It should automatically merge separate events to single horizontal (X) or vertical (Y) movement.

Test/Remap -> Delete All -> Remap -> dpad left, dpad right (separate events merged here), dpad up, dpad down (another merge), fire1, fire2, F12, (add extra events if needed), ESC. Done. (This works for me)

D-pad ("Hat Switch") mapped to [-]/[+] events cause stuck directions because d-pad does not have real "release" event.

Only way I can do this is to do something crazy like pressing left when mapping to right direction and vice versa.

There must be some use case I have missed..
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