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Originally Posted by LuMan View Post
These renders are brilliant. Please keep them coming!!

I remember, many years ago, running a render farm consisting of 4 Amigas (2xA500, 1xA600, 1xA1200). I basically used it to make images and 3d animated titles for small business near where I used live - photographers and video companies seem to make the brunt of the client base.

Once the A1200 had finished rendering I would simply record the playback onto VHS video. It was REALLY basic, and the quality was shocking. Luckily I had very little competition!

I used Imagine back then for everything, with some tidying up in DPaint. Now, when I look at these renders I can see (i) how far things have moved on, and (ii) how utterly useless I was at rendering!

Great pic, and great subject matter.
Thanks. I remember the last comercial logo animation I did for Castrol on my Amiga 4000 back then, it was ok at the time, but looks like a huge pile of crap nowadays.
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