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Ciao dall'Italia

Hi all! Finally I come here too

My name is Vincenzo, amiga enthusiast since 1997 (I'm 24... yep).
The A500 was my first computer, grewing up I noticed I'm attracted by vintage things... of course computers too!
Now I got several Amigas and a very large collection of retro-computers from almost all famous brands (Commodore, Sinclair, Atari, Apple, Amstrad, Acorn...) and some rarities (Robotron, Mattel, Matra-Hachette, Osborne, NeXT...), some say I'm one of the greatest retro-collectors in Italy... (o rly?) some say I don't use classic Amigas just for games, just like some others do (yeah, that actually's true, LOL)...
What more? See you around and discover it

Oh, here's a pic of mine, in my childhood with my A500 I still own...

Ciao ciao!

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