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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
well it did work from editor anyway, only the compiled version failed. so it is my extension that is causing the crash? or did you remove banks as well?
I was going to play Puzcat today, but got distracted by sleeping in 'til midday (late night last night, or should I say this morning ), watching DVD's and my current Wings3D mini-project...

Anyway, if you still have your extension source (or extension file) I would like to look at it. I might be able to tell you what is at fault with your extension. I have studied others that had source released and I have written my own (unreleased as it was test version only) not to mention a tool that examines AMOS Pro extensions - on Aminet here, with top entry being my Extension Examiner

Edit: Just had a quick play (emulated A600 with 68040 CPU). Great fun, found the secret room on start menu (as mentioned here before), aswell as the secret room on level 2.

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