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Wow! Cheers Rattus - loads of good stuff to check out...

Feeling VERY tempted...!

Would only really be interested in emulating 8 bit machines an the GBA, especially the spectrum. Most of the commercial GBA stuff is really of 16 bit quality anyway, despite what they say.

Rare were going to bring out 'SabreWulf' for the GBA - which was rumoured to contain the old spectrum version as well. I was secretly hoping that they would bring out all the sabre man adventures that they released as 'Ultimate' on the spectrum (e.g. Underwurlde, Knight Lore etc) - that I am a huge fan of (as you possibly guessed from my name!) - but all was lost when the jumped into bed with ex-box.

Saw that there is even a Frotz (infocom text adventure) emulator. Bloody 'ell - how's that done without a keyboard and a magnifying glass?!

I'll be checking this stuff out...

Thanks again!
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