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Originally Posted by Dejavu View Post
Rapidroad have worked with my below setup without any problem. I am using self powered hub between my usb peripherals and rapidroad.

it works with several usb mouses, external hardisks, card readers, usb sticks... flawlessly

now i am trying find a usb ethernet converter that supported by posedion software in Turkey, i have already purchased 3 but all refused to work.

Can anyone suggest an usb2ethernet product that has compatible chipset with the possedion?

This is not helping your problem, but I can confirm that I have problems with an usb- eth adapter myself. The chipset is AX88772. Refuses to connect with Rapidroad and roadshow. When I use the x-surf roadshow connects normally.

The interesting thing here is that the same usb-eth adapter works fine on my a600 with subway. Using the same version of roadshow.
The using Poseidon 4.4 and the a4000 is using Poseidon 4.5. The problem could be the different Poseidon versions. Unlikely, but needs to be tested to be sure of course.


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