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I have read that I could also use a PCMCIA CF adaptor as well thus making transfer of files easier.
Yep, you need to install compactflash.device for that to work (and Fat95 if you want to read PC formatted CF cards) - you can get it on Aminet. It works great, but not every card is compatible and it's best to keep cards used as internal hard drives for that purpose only, i.e. using cards set up as hard drives in the PCMCIA slot can be tricky.

Can the PCMCIA be used to get an Amiga wirelessly online that would be cool
Yes it can, provided you can find a compatible card. Prism2.device on Aminet works with cards based on the Prism chipset, see the readme for details. It works fine but don't expect web browsing to be up to much. Email, IRC, FTP etc. will all work fine though.
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