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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
thanks for doing that, that's brilliant!

did you try it with my protracker extension as well? only i thought the sound effects functions might interest you, since there are currently no sound effects in your game and my fx engine allows sound effects to automatically mute music channels temporarily.

although for anybody interested, PuzCat doesn't use those functions, but rather it uses AMAL to do the sound effects. I wrote the fx engine after PuzCat using a similar idea, after it seemed to work so well.
I have not tried with your extension, where can I find it?

About soundeffects in my game, I use AMCAF for mod-playback (since AMOS built-in player is a bit crap) and it also allows for sound-effects by muting channels temporarily, but if I recall correctly the sfx must be included as samples in the currently playing module. Not sure about this though, was many years ago since I last played around with it.

I actually had a jump-sound at one point but since you jump so much I just thought it became interesting, but I guess I should atleast add some "death"-sound.

I can't really recall if I use any other AMCAF stuff in my game, if not I might swap it out for your extension instead if it's smaller and has better sfx support!
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