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LOL! that me? very good impression! except I'm not a redhead

now for teh linkers...

-Flash Advance (by Bung): this is an old, chunky parallel port external linker. Not many shops sell it anymore and it's not very compatible (most games need speed/crash patches applied in order to work).

-Flash Xtreme (by Visoly/Lik-Sang): an update of the above, still the same design but with the option of a USB interface. Was very popular until Nintendo shut down Visoly and severly castrated Lik-Sang

Flash2Advance (by Bung): this one is a parallel port cable linker (it goes straight from your PC to your GBA) and is a good choice if you have an older PC/GBA. It is NOT compatible with the GBA-SP however.

Flash2Advance USB (by Bung): this one is an update to the above linker with a USB interface and GBA-SP compatibility.

EZ-Flash (by Borden): relatively unknown, Borden is famed for his amazing designs and this linker is no exception. It is a small external USB linker. The design is so good that Xinga got VERY jealous...

XG-Flash (by Xinga): an unauthorized clone of the above. For some this is good news, Xinga have better marketing and push their linkers to all parts of the world. Cheaper parts used results in a lower price. Just beware as this can also be a BAD thing.

Wisebox (by ???): not much information about this one but by the looks of things it is an external Parallel port linker with two cartridge slots. This means you can copy data from one cartridge to another without the need of a PC.

EZF Advance (by Borden): what with the EZ/XG fiasco Borden decided to sell the rights of the EZ-Flash to another company and start out on his own. He recently produced this fantastic piece of kit. Very similar to the original EZ but in a cable linker and with a RTC (Real Time Clock) built into the cards. Perfect for pokemon . Still in early stages...only 128Mb card sizes available with 256Mb and 512Mb to follow soon...this is definately one to watch!

What about the future?

Well EZ-Corp are working on the successor to EZ-Flash called, not surprisingly, the EZ-Flash 2. This is going to be much the same thing (an external USB linker) but with bigger cart sizes (512Mb-1024Mb I should think), RTC, and other new features.

Xinga (surprise!) are also working on the XG-Flash only hope is that they do the right thing and not copy others designs

*a note about mac drivers*
All USB-based linkers will work on a Mac running Virtual PC under MacOS9 (MacOSX handles USB devices differently and wont let Virtual PC communicate with the linker properly). Xinga have somebody working on Mac native drivers for the XG/XG2...I am currently bugging Borden/EZ-Corp (through their main distributer as I don't speak Chinese) to do the same for the EZ/EZ2 and EZF Advance

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