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You should be able to use composite to connect your amiga to a screen, the picture quality will be bad but atleast you will get video. If there is a workbench installation on the HD you can transfer files to and from the amiga with floppies with crossdos (if you have any old PC with a floppy drive that is, or have a USB-floppy). Other ways to transfer files is to get a network card (they are quite cheap, but you need to get the drivers and a tcp/ip stack to the machine aswell). There is always the old and slow serial cable that can be used to transfer files, but this ofcourse also need software on the amiga to get going.

Regarding WB3.1, it works on an Amiga that has Kickstart 3.0 (even though amigakit says you need kick 3.1) so no problem using WB3.1 diskettes with it.
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