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Im WB 3.0 im afraid so it wont work for me and I have spent quite a bit on this already. The PSU came today and I plugged it in but nothing happened no power light nothing.

I could hear it humming when I held it up to my ear so it seemed to be OK. I opened it as I saw there is a fuse in them but it was fine.

In desperation I then stripped my A1200 completely removing the shield in case there was a fuse or somthing in under there. Nothing so I reassembled it all and plugged it in again. Lo & behold this time all worked perfectly. There was quite a bit of HD activity but as the 23pin to Scart cable hasnt arrived yet I have no idea what that means. I really thought this was a blank 2.5" HD. The disk drive clicks which I assume is another hopeful sign.

PS I bought this item as it promised to work with older computers plugged in my PS2 optical mouse but it dosent work, so I ordered a new genuine Amiga mouse instead as I dont want a large adaptor hanging off the back of it]

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