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what you can do with a flashlinker:

-demos: funky eyecandy/music demos very similar to the amiga/atari demos of yore my favorite is STSoundAdvance ( )

-freeware: actual games that people have made themselves, sometimes completely new comercial-quality ideas. Others are ports of classic games. My favorites are BustAMoveGBA ( ) and Dangerous Xmas ( )

-emulators: some nutters have programmed emulators for the gba! however do NOT expect either SNES or Megadrive emulation as the GBA is too weak but yes there are Spectrum, NES and even a C64 emu in the works - for more info please visit and I'll see you on the forums but if it's purely emulators you are after I suggest you invest in a GP32!

-pogoshell: tis basically a fancy front end for your gba but it does other stuff also. Compresses saves so you can have more on the cart at once and it also handles execution of files via "plugins" i.e you open a .nes file and the pocketnes plugin will take care of it. Lots of other stuff I'm sure but since I'm not an expert may I direct you to the many pogoshell guides listed here:;f=13;t=2067 I will do a rundown of the current linkers on the market if you want
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