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I understand that many have a soft spot for F1GP, because it was so popular (A500 heydays) and excellent especially for its time, but if we think objectively about the topic's "the best F1 Amiga game", I would say Virtual GP. It has VERY realistic physics and the most advanced graphics what we've ever seen on the Amiga. It requires an accelerated Amiga and was released pretty late, so it's understandable that it never got the popularity it would deserve and it was left underrated.

Virtual GP brought visual features which were only seen on much more powerful PC games to Amiga, like texture mapping with cockpit reflections and non-fixed driver's viewpoint etc. The game really is a simulator and physics model goes really deep in the details. It was rare even on mainstream games that behaviour of all four tires/springs were calculated separately, and VGP did that too! Author of the game has been working on car industry/test driving and his real world passion and knowledge really shows in his games.

Because of the simulation nature of the game, it really should be played with an analogue controller, or at least with mouse to get more precision to it, but it certainly isn't any arcade joystick stuff

I've played the sequel, VGP2, on a MorphOS machine a lot with analogue USB driving wheel setups. If we also count Amiga compatibles to this discussion, then VGP2 is absolutely the best F1 game for amiga It has pretty modern looking 3D accelerated graphics (can even be get a bit more prettier with VGP HD gfx replacement) and runs very smoothly on almost all MorphOS compatible machines.
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