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Originally Posted by mc68060 View Post
On there's a James Pond Limited Edition up for auction. The difference seems to be that this version requires 1 MB whereas the original Pond requires only 512kb. There are stickers that the limited edition requires 1 MB on the box and the disk. The disk has also "1 megabyte required" on it.

I did some research and couldn't find any further information about this limited edition on HOL.

Does anybody know more about it, especially about the difference between this version and the original release? Is this limited edition already in CAPS or TOSEC?
Originally Posted by mc68060 View Post
I've just tried the James Pond 1 version that is in TOSEC on WinUAE with 512kb and 1MB and there are no differences in the intro and loading screen between a 512kb and 1MB configuration. Maybe the switch that Sorrell is talking about was not activated in the initial release and then discovered later again for this limited edition?
I bet it's just an A500+ compatible version that was manufactured in production runs of the original release in 1991 after the A500+ was released.

The A500+ came with 1Mb ram (and KS2.04 + ECS) and broke a lot of games that had been previously released, which caused many customers to complain to software retailers/manufacturers and return games at the time. Some software companies simply waited until the budget/compilation release of their games came around to issue an A500+ compatible version, while others just didn't bother (or couldn't afford to).

Maybe Millennium couldn't wait and thought it might damage sales of James Pond (and its imminent sequel), and therefore rushed out an A500+ compatible version of the original release in '91 before re-releasing it as a budget version in early '92. The "1MB limited edition" sticker on the original release reissue was probably just a bit of tricky marketing on Millennium's part!

That's my theory can take it or leave it!!

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