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If you don't own a 1200, then a case for one would be pretty un-interesting

Its personally very dear to me, and many others here who grew up with the machine, I worry about the crazy people who voted it worst machine in a recent poll, hopefully the relevant authorities have been notified

Particularly exploring 3d printing possibilities, most interesting for me is that everyone can get something unique. As for engineering tolerances, I think its perfectly possible to get close enough by analogue measurement for something like this, really very few individual components and not many dependencies, like making sure the motherboard fits is almost a 2d task, it being such a flat plane.

If making an engine block for a kawazaki Ninja, yeah i'd pump some coin into a different solution, for sure 3d scanning has a way to go, esp for tasks like an Amiga case, I think you would struggle to make sense of it and it would be quicker to build a new, clean structure around it.

Tommes, Hey thanks, I think it is nice also, though a long way to go, as is your own work, err, nice I mean

I'm sure seeing your great work on the big boxes helped motivate me
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