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Originally Posted by commodorejohn View Post
I like how anybody with negative opinions about the open-source community is "uninformed."
Well, its not really a "community", as such. Source available development with version control is just a method of developing and distributing software. It isn't theft. It isn't begging. Its just a development/distribution model. So, yes. People who equate it with theft and begging are uninformed, without quotes. Seriously so.

It would also help perhaps if you articulated WHICH open source project you have negative opinions about. Is it the linux kernel? Canonical? Apache? Stellarium? VLC? Wine? OpenSSH? Python? Mplayer? AROS? One of these?
What about that project is negative? A developer? You don't like its language choice? Do they use SVN when every idiot knows GIT rulezzz? They didn't like your bugfix submission? Feature X isn't available?

There are rational criticisms of open-source models. Take, for example, that you may be developing very optimized algorithms in a competitive market that is profitable. Maybe you're developing some software covered by restriction classifications for the Government. Maybe you are writing some awesome warez that you'd prefer no one has access to but you. An open source model in these scenarios doesn't make sense. Old, abandoned software for out of production 30 year old computers, basic OS functionality pieces like a TCP/IP stack or USB stack? A terrible candidate for closed source vultureware.
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