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Originally Posted by Lonewolf10 View Post
For use in the editor or in program? I think the default font is stored in the APSystem directory in an .abk file or something like that... though I rarely change fonts. In recent AMOS projects (my own tools, previously mentioned in this thread) I just used a 3x5 font, with Plot used to draw it onscreen!
In the program... the one used by the "Print" command.

Using plot would surely be very slow!

If i were to do it manually i would store it in a screen and use Screen Copy to copy each character. But i fee like i'd be re-inventing the wheel here.

I did find the default 8x8 font, i could of course just edit that but then it would be used by ALL my projects, it's not very convenient if i have to rename files every time i want to run or compile a different program.
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