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Originally Posted by dirkies View Post
Your contribution to the community is much appreciated Kipper. I will certainly buy one when it is avail (amongst other things!), and with Jeff's lcd when he figured it out!

Thanks, the LED display on the final version can be turned off if you just want to use a 16 Character LCD panel. I have ordered one to play with, and see if a case/enclosure can be designed for it. Jeff did paste a link to some of these on ebay...

Here is a paste of Jeff's thread info...

The new firmware supporting these external I2C LCD screen is now ready !

You have just to update the Slim HxC Floppy Emulator with this firmware : ...

These kind of I2C LCD board is compatible with the firmware : ... 484f235c20
(board only - without the LCD) ... 258afcd8e4
(board only - without the LCD) ... 338ed80545
(board + LCD) ... 484f1ed4cd
(board + LCD)

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