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Hi Rattus!

But really SabreGolly, have you considered getting yourself a flashlinker for your GBA?
I have actually been looking at the possibility. My interest was first raised when I saw that you could get a ZXspectrum emulator for the GBA. The thought of playing some of these old classics on a handheld device made me drool!

I bought a Casio E115 pocket PC a few years ago (just after the new op system came out) - one of the reasons being that you could get a speccy emulator for it. Fatal mistake - trusting micr***ft to support it, and thinking that this brand new model wouldn't go out of date for at least 6 months (I think it lasted about 4 before most new game releases supported the Intel/Compaq/Micr***ft cartel models only)... Never mind - as i've said before - I will not make that mistake again.

What other goodies are available for the GBA thru a flash card? As Steve says - nothing beats owning the original carts and box - but is there any other interesting stuff? Has anyone tried one of the spectrum emulators - do they run at a reasonable speed, and can you access the full speccy keyboard (albeit a hassle I'd imagine!) with it? I've seen an operating system - can you get apps that display jpegs or mpeg/quicktime video? Now that would be cool!

Seen flash linkers on sale over the net - bit worried about ordering what essentially could be a rather dodgy (legally) bit of kit in this way...

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