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Originally Posted by Sandro View Post
for batman try this

btw, to make the floppies look like originals you must purchase blue floppies instead black and glue originals sticks
Sandro.. I don't BELIEVE that you were able to find that - thank you so much!! I really didn't think it would work

It's true, the floppies should be blue. I can't get new ones easily though. These are actually the 'backup' floppies but they will (IMHO) look way cooler than the originals. Next on my list is Soccer Kid, since my original floppies are corrupted.

Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
I'm pretty sure Batman Returns works on the A1200.
I remember seeing an article on it in Amiga Format back in the nineties with an amazing screenshot with Batman saying "Do you wish to interrogate?". It looked like a very interactive game. But then the reviews were awful. But I guess it's time to try it for myself so I might check out a long-play on youtube. Thanks for the suggestion.
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