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Originally Posted by Samurai_Crow View Post
Most open source repos don't allow you to use a custom license as AmosPro has. (Non-OSI approved licenses are frowned upon.)

On UltimateAmiga, I am a moderator. If you wish to join the team just run it by the team members. There's a hidden forum for AmosPro 3 related documents.
Well, they're the guys doing the work, if they want to do it that way, it's up to them.

These days, having a public git repository, and the ability to submit pull requests and an integrated issue tracker, make development so much easier. And helps attract new developers. It's a pity that's been decided against, I think I saw some complicated system of tracking changes based on Excel spreadsheets.

That said the last repo that had OSI licensing restrictions was Google Code, these days github or bitbucket and most others don't care what license you use and let you have private repos and public repos and the way they make money is from commercial efforts who need support.

From what I read there compiling amos pro is pretty simple, just get devpac2 and change a few options, and you can get it to compile byte for byte identical.
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