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Originally Posted by Aughie View Post
I was clearing out my garage and discovered a box with my old A1200 with an 8 meg in the trapdoor plus a couple of 4gig 2.5" HD and a 3.5" one. There was a small ribbon cable for the 2.5" drive.

I recall that the smaller HD was never installed in an Amiga so is blank while the 3.5" has my old Towered A1200 WB on it.

The problem is there are no leads no PSU and no discs with the A1200

I have ordered a A500 PSU off Ebay plus a gadget to allow a PC mouse. I still need a 23pin to Scart. I also have a copy of Amiga Forever on my 32bit Windoze 7 machine PLUS a DVD I was given by a guy I bought my first ever Amiga off who ran an Amiga software business back in the day. It has all kinds of stuff on it PLUS WB 1.3; 2.0; 2.04; 3.0 & 3.1 all in DMS format but as I have neither a working Amiga nor any blank discs its useless to me at the moment.

What are my best options without spending a fortune to get this sad Miggy working again?

get hold of a cf-ide adapter with a cf card. Then you can setup this cf card with winuae. You need a cf-card reader for the pc , but they are cheap..

You can also connect your 3.5 hd to winuae..
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