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Originally Posted by TMR View Post
If i'd meant forking i would have said so... but since you've clearly made your own arguments up i'll leave you to them.
Don't pretend that the entirety of your arguement (and every anti-open sourcer in this thread) couldn't be summed up thusly: "Its my code! I spent HOURS of my life writing this code, forming it up from the primordial ooze, feeding each ASCII character a nourishing broth of electrons, coaxing out the very most from each word boundary and null pointer. How DARE some unbathed hippie reach his/her grubby little nose-pickers out and ask to see it, in the hopes that he/she could improve upon the sheer awesome perfection that is MY CODE!!!! BUGS, you say? Optimizations??!?!?! ENHANCEMENTS?!!! FUTURE PROOFING?????!!!!! NEVER! It is perfection perfectioned! ITS MINE! MY ONLY!!! MY PRECIOUSSSSSSSSS!"

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