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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
Once you get used to assembly language, C, and some newer stuff like C#, Lua and others, and you come back to things like Amos, you're not going to like it anymore.
My experience exactly. AMOS, to its credit, provides a really convenient environment for tinkering about in, and that's what makes it easy. The actual language itself is not that great. It suffers from a complete lack of abstraction. It doesn't teach you programming. It teaches you AMOS Programming. It teaches Bad Programming. Sure, it works. But you try that line with your boss if you work for a real company. If anything i think it makes it harder to learn other languages, once you've got used to AMOS, you look at C++ and see all the curly braces and asterisks and whatnot and your eyes start to glaze over. You'd be better just learning C++ in the first place, it's really not that difficult. But you don't get screens and bobs and sprites and tracker mods out of the box.

In fact, when I came to the Amiga from the C64, I started with BASIC (AMOS), and within months moved on to assembly language because it's just so much more powerful and faster.
It's not the speed that did it for me, sure it's not the fastest, but i found that when you do really start to master it, you find yourself fighting against the language itself. When recently i thought about rewriting my map editor, i thought maybe i'd just do it in AMOS again, but i wanted to be able to load in an arbitrary number of maps simultaneously, so i thought, well just put them in a linked list.

Umm. Err. Ah.

Maybe i could use banks and have lists of bank numbers stored in strings or something. But... yeah...

So i'll probably do it in Asm instead, but that means creating an entire environment for it.
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