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Originally Posted by TMR View Post
Not entirely sure why you quoted my post before this, i was referring to situations where people could take the code from an open sourced project, run off with that code and do despicable things with it away from the original author's reach or influence...
Like what, exactly? I quoted your post at first because its these sorts of misconceptions and silliness that makes it hard to have a discussion of the merits of releasing source code. What you are saying is that someone might take your "super awesome groundbreaking code for an ancient computer system not being manufactured anymore", FORK IT (that's the term, not "run off with it"), then do something like...what...put huge penises on all your sprites and call it "dick dug" or something? And, even if they did that, that it would completely prevent you from somehow keeping your master branch pure of the dick sprites?

Here's the thing about version control and source code - YOU STILL CONTROL THE MASTER BRANCH. It doesn't freaking matter what Billy DickSprite does with a fork of the master. This is seriously version control 101. Is it really this complicated for people? That you cannot take two minutes to read "what is version control and how does it work"?

I feel like Mugatu right now:
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