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Appreciate the support fellas,

Akira, they probably should be a little harder, but I'm not happy with the keys shape yet overall, once i'm happy with the keypad area i can start populating the rest of the board, and the plastic and metal parts of the board itself will be modelled separately too.

btw its a real plain typeface and I could take an educated guess but does anyone specifically know the one C= used for the keys themselves?

spudje, it began long before then but was a much rougher model until very recently, I think before considering anything else its worth understanding and documenting the original case, after that we'll see.

EB, thanks, I think give it a few years and see where the technology and costs are at for bigger prints which have the look and feel of injection molding, the costs of original replacement cases (which are insufficient for many of us anyway) are probably only going to go up, and get more yellow/brown, while 3d printing on demand comes down and can be any colour or shape you want.
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