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Sorry for late answer but I was wanting to tests on my 4 PCs at different places...
So I tested winuae_3100b22
I am using WinUAE ppc OS41FE config
Misc/Graphics Api/Direct Draw is setted
The Amiga boot on 68k ok then run ppc then OS41 bootscreen then go-microsoft
So It appear when ppc emulation start to use RTG

OK I know you will say "but RTG on ppc emulation need recent directx for xxx reasons"
perhaps but in fact WinUAE/OS41FE works on those PCs
So what really cause problems on a small/old/lowmem/slow PC is wanting to open InternetExplorer concurrently with WinUAE

Alain Thellier

Edit for resuming: Not having the good directx dont disturb me for my OS41FE usage. The only thing that hang drastically WinUAE is this Go.Microsoft stuff

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