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But I'm not using the clear password: I'm using the hex key directly. Maybe that's why.

My router, I'm running dd-wrt, generates 5 hex-keys based on the password, I'm using the first one as a password: ie I have a file like this in wireless.prefs:


I'm a bit confused by what KEY_MGMT = NONE means. I had to put WEP security on in the router because otherwise the Amiga says something like "dropped connection to Amola_nomap: mismatch privacy level".

The network setup is a bit complicated because I normally use WPA2 and now added a second virtual network interface to my dd-wrt router to use WEP. So it's in a different subnet from my main wlan network, but it should work because I can connect to this WEP with my android phone and then ping my main PC. But it only works if I connect with the hex key: I can't connect even from my android using the clear text password as key.

On the amiga, the setup looks like this:

Should I try to run those likes in CLI line by kline so I get the output? But I still wonder if the card is compatible: isn't the prism2v2 driver just a port from linux wpa_supplicant: and that's the one I could not get working in Linux Mint.

Edit: maybe i need to also reinstall the prism2v2 driver after installing amitcp3b2. I will try that.
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