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Originally Posted by hrmes View Post
This beta works much better for me with Toccata AHI in OS4 than the previous version. Now the test button in AHI prefs works almost always, but there still is some bug that can cut off the sound at random.
For example you can press the AHI prefs test button and you hear the sound, but sometimes it plays for only a fraction of a second.
The same happens with audio players using Toccata AHI. Tunenet starts playing an MP3 but can stop after 5 or 45 seconds.
It isn't that you just can't hear the sound, the player stops as if you pressed pause.
I haven't noticed any problems. Test button always works the same and mp3 playing (with some software I don't remember) works without issues.

Run with log window open (winuae.exe -log), check if "toccata stop something" log message appears exactly when sounds stops or does the sound only stop and log message comes later, when sound should have stopped?

Does it only happen if sound panel automatic switching is ticked?
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