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Originally Posted by copse View Post
Mostly, open source is about getting someone else's hard work for nothing.
I'm sorry, but I must respectfully disagree here. I've headed up both the HandBrake (multi-platform video transcoder) and Tomato (third-party router firmware) projects, and in both cases, a great many enhancements and critical bugfixes were contributed by unexpected people taking an interest and getting involved, some of whom remain strong contributors to this day. I can honestly say that in the case of both pieces of software, they are _far better_ for having been open-source, and the community at large has both benefitted *and led to them being significantly improved upon*.

Granted, there are some open-source projects out there (Ex Plus Alpha nee *.emu comes to mind readily) that are "open" but nearly (if not) all contributions from others are ignored or outright rejected, but I do not believe they represent the spirit or common state of open source.

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