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Originally Posted by copse View Post
Note that it isn't so easy to understand, that you can set us all straight. Instead you point us off to some pontificatory written material, some of which is even regretted by the authors. Take for example the cathedral and the bizarre which I believe the author has misgivings about, and would do differently now.
I'm not sure I was "setting anyone straight". Mainly I was trying to give even a small frame of reference to people who have loud voices and no understanding of even the basic premise of open source or how version control works. When you hear words bandied about like "stealing" "begging" and "loss of control" you can safely dismiss any other things stated by that person when it comes to either open source or version control. I would prefer NOT to dismiss such people - I would prefer they educate themselves. I gave simple starting points to gain some reference, not dogmatic treatise of the be-all-end-all. Opinions and assholes aside, you cannot expect stated opinion to not be challenged if the foundation of that opinion is based on at best misunderstanding and at worst absolutely nothing.

Also, Eric Raymond regrets nothing about the Cathedral and the Bazaar. In fact, it was written when he wasn't quite as bats**t insane as he is today:

Just because he went cuckoo-bird after 9/11 doesn't mean what's written in that book isn't a good primer on free software and/or open source. That's the problem with not being able to separate the person from the design concept. Lots of people still seem to use reiserFs and wouldn't dismiss its technical merits because Hans Reiser was involved. (just in case you don't know anything about Hans, he murdered his wife, buried her in the hills and is serving 15 to life for second degree murder, pled down from first on the condition that he show the court where he hid her body.)

As for the mountains of complexity that is supposedly open source software, perhaps this will help you:

If you don't like my choices, please read some supplied by the above google searches.
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