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Originally Posted by TheBilgeRat View Post
Wow, that was a slog through some pretty crazy reading! I find it sad that there are so many misconceptions on what open source is.
Note that it isn't so easy to understand, that you can set us all straight. Instead you point us off to some pontificatory written material, some of which is even regretted by the authors. Take for example the cathedral and the bizarre which I believe the author has misgivings about, and would do differently now.

My thoughts on this thread are that if there is something you want source for, then you have several options:
  • Write a clone.
  • Beg someone else to give away all their work in writing the original, or a clone.
  • Pay for someone else to write a clone, or get mutually interested people to pay to get people to get a clone written. Or even pay for the original, paying what it's worth to get it open sourced.

The simplest and most achievable way to get the source released, is the paying option. The easiest way to go about trying to get source released, is the begging option. And the way that rewards hard work, like the rest of life, is the doing option. Mostly, open source is about getting someone else's hard work for nothing.
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